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Welcome to the Grand Butterfly Gathering Event! We are thrilled to invite you to participate in our celebration of the beauty and wonder of butterflies through various art forms. Whether you’re an AI enthusiast, a skilled metalworker, a painter, a poet, or a musician, there’s a category for you to showcase your creativity inspired by these delicate creatures.

Participate Yourself

To participate in the art competition, you must be registered for the event. Simply sign up through our registration page to secure your spot in this exciting opportunity to showcase your talent and passion for butterflies.

Here are the categories for the art competition


Utilize artificial intelligence to create stunning butterfly-themed art.


Craft intricate butterfly sculptures or designs using metal.

Traditional Paint

Express your artistic vision with traditional painting techniques.


Capture the ethereal beauty of butterflies using watercolor paints.


Mold clay, wood, or other materials into butterfly-inspired sculptures.


Craft poetic verses that evoke the grace and symbolism of butterflies.

Personal Essay

Share your personal reflections and stories related to butterflies.

Musical Composition

 Compose melodies or songs inspired by the fluttering of butterflies.

30-second Video & 60-minute Video

Create short or long-form videos showcasing butterfly-themed content.

Submit your art work

We encourage all participants to submit their artwork along with a voluntary donation of $10 to help cover the cost of the prizes. Your generosity will contribute to making this event even more special for everyone involved.

Prizes will be announced on the morning of the event, with the winner of each category receiving an award certificate and $100. Additionally, the top five finalists in each category will be prominently featured on our website, providing recognition for their outstanding work.

But the celebration doesn’t stop there! At our in-person event in downtown Jackson, Wyoming, we will also be awarding prizes for the best homemade costumes inspired by butterflies. Categories include adult, child, and pet costumes, with winners receiving gift certificates to local businesses in downtown Jackson, Wyoming.

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