Butterfly March

Trueness Project: Butterfly tranform Retreat Sets Mega Event Mood

Trueness Project butterfly transformation sets the mood for the upcoming mega-event. Every day is a new opportunity for us to transform and become better versions of ourselves. It is another chance to make that bold move towards a deeper sense of authenticity.  

Transforming others, getting transformed, listening to other people’s journeys. The pursuit of better pathways to become better and more impactful are the desires of most people.

A week well spent

However, targeting and attended by key players in the entrepreneurial, transformational leadership, and coaching fields, among others. As well as the event was their opportunity to hold playful yet highly engaging conversations, share their transformational journey, and build camaraderie.  

They spent the week visiting the Butterfly Sanctuary and Sloth Nature Park, horseback riding, rock climbing, having interactive mastermind sessions, storytelling, waterfall hiking, mud baths, exploring the Pacific Ocean coastal region of Costa Rica to see the whales and dolphins, sunset cruising, among many other adventurous.

“This retreat has been amazing. I met people from across the USA, Canada, and Kenya. Muriel Blanc, proprietor of Muriel Xpressions, reflects on the invaluable friendships, support, and empowerment gained from the event. Her lasting passion for community-building continues to thrive, a testament to the transformative experience.

Registering her unwavering support to the non-profit organization and its management, she noted. “We are going to raise a planetary vibration through the Trueness Project as a collective and as an individual.”

A precursor

She further urged the world to dress like butterflies on June 29.

Worth noting is that this was one of the preliminary events the Trueness Project is holding to clear the road for the world record-breaking. Grand Butterfly Gathering on June 29, which is expected to be the largest gathering of people dressed like butterflies the world has ever seen.

Moreover, the blended event will witness people donned in butterfly-like costumes gathering at Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Numerous others from across the world will join virtually from all parts of the planet, ready to break the world record.”